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PDN expanding logistics supply chain in Dong Nai Province Updated 27-07-2017 04:38
(Vietnam Logistics Review) - Improving services quality through the staff training, investment of modern equipment and informatics technological usage to meet customers’ needs are the specific development directions of Dong Nai Port Joint Stock Company (PDN), preparing the strength to welcome the development opportunities ahead.

According to the logistics services development plan, in the coming time, Dong Nai will develop a logistics network to meet the production demand, local cargoes im-export circulation of provincial and the southern key economic areas, in which PDN plays an important role in supporting transactions with all parties in the supply chain.
Control gate at Long Binh Tan Terminal - the branch of PDN
To continue to affirm its position as one of the key links in the logistics system of the province in particular and the region in general, PDN has given specific development strategy for 2017 focusing on key activities such as: continuing to improve services quality through staff training, investment of modern equipment and informatics technological usage to meet customers’ needs.
Due to the timely improvement in production and business management as well as organizational structure improvement and human resource stabilization, the operation results in the first five months of 2017 reached and exceeded planned targets. Specifically, the total revenue in the first five months reached VND200 billion, reaching 45,45% of the plan and exceeding 30,53% compared with the same period.
Long Binh Tan Terminal is located at the river linked to deep-water ports, where having advantages for cargoes transshipment from/to neighboring Industrial Zones, reducing 50% for the time and 30% for costs and procedures carried out by customers im-exporting cargoes or material in Dong Nai Province. In the coming time, the route from An Hao Bridge to Buu Hoa Bridge to National Way 1K will be completed connecting National Way 51, National Way No.1 and 1K, connecting three provinces of Dong Nai, Binh Duong and Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, the selection of Long Binh Tan Terminal to transport goods will bring many advantages for customers
Particularly, Go Dau Terminal has been invested modern equipment to receive 30.000DWT vessel, loading/unloading cargoes by Macgregor shore crane running on rails with lifting capacity of 40 tons, reducing cost in the supply chain. In 2017, Go Dau Terminal will be further expanded by 4 hectares downstream. It is planned to expand another 30.000DWT berth linking wharf B4 and wharf B1 to serve the cargo handling needs.
General cargoes operation at Go Dau Terminal  - The branch of PDN
Up to now, PDN has invested completed port system with total area of 79,84 hectares, including 8 wharves having capable of receiving vessels of 5.000DWT to 30.000DWT, domestic warehouse and bonded warehouse systems with total area of 21.250m2. At the same time, PDN continues to invest in modern machines and equipment, applying informatics technology to management and production activities, increasing the efficiency of operation and cost savings, improving services quality to meet customers’ demands, integration of logistics services including: waterway, roadway and airway transport, development of support services to provide customers with logistics service chain nationwide. In 2017, PDN strives to achieve the target of 440 billion dong revenue and 72 billion dong profit before tax.
Basing on the infrastructure invested in the right direction, logistics supply chain is also being gradually improved, then PDN has step by step linked all its strengths, creating a completed supply chain for the customers choosing PDN’s services.
My Duyen

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